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Healthcare in America is broken.

The establishment wants to keep it that way, but Bernie Sanders has different plans. He is the only candidate fighting for Medicare for All, which will save the vast majority of Americans money every year while ensuring every person in America has access to comprehensive healthcare.

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For that much every year, you and your family receive comprehensive access to...

  • In-patient & Out-patient Services
  • Vision Care
  • Dental Care
  • Hearing Care
  • Subtance Abuse Treatment
  • Mental Health Care
  • Long Term Care
  • Gender Confirmation Surgery
  • Reproductive & Maternity Care
  • And more!

How do we get these numbers?

Under a potential payment plan for Bernie's M4A, everyone pays 4% of their family's income as an "M4A tax." The standard deduction is subtracted from the amount of income taxed at 4%.

For example, let's take a family with two married parents and a child who live in the year 2021. Their standard deduction as a married couple is $25,200, and each child adds $2,000 to the standard deduction; thus, their total standard deduction is $29,200 ($25,200 + ($2,000 * 2)).

If they made $10,000 a year, they would pay $0 a year for M4A because they make less than their standard deduction ($10,000 - $29,200 is less than 0). If they made $30,000, they would pay 4% on $800 ($30,000 - $29,200); this means they would pay only $32 a year. If they made the median income in the USA, roughly $63,176, they would pay 4% on $33,976 ($63,176 - $29,200); this means they would only pay $1,359.04 a year— which is about $19,216 less than the current average annual cost for family healthcare coverage.

How do we pass M4A?

Bernie knows that passing M4A won't be easy. Some Republicans and Democrats will stop at nothing to appease the big insurance companies who line their pockets, and that means they will fight endlessly against M4A.

Unfortunately, Bernie can't directly stop this as President—but we can. That's why Bernie constantly reminds us that this campaign is not about him, but about us. If we're going to make a government that works for all of us, not just the wealthy few, we need to come together and fight for a political revolution by voting and working to elect progressives up and down the ballot. Sitting on the sidelines won't help.

With our help, Bernie has a strong plan to get M4A passed. First, he will instruct his Vice President to use the budget reconciliation process to pass M4A. Bills being pushed for under this process will only require 51 votes to be passed instead of 60, which will be much easier to achieve.

That said, it's not a guarantee. If the plan is unable to pass via the budget reconciliation committee, he will use the bully pulpit to endorse progressive challengers to anti-M4A congressfolk. That's where we come in—if we want to get M4A passed, we need to vote and volunteer for progressives who will help us pass M4A.

How do I get involved?

Bernie only wins if we all come together and volunteer. If you want to join the political revolution, you can sign up to volunteer here. You can also get involved in the political revolution community on

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